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Therapy is a collaborative conversation designed to better understand you and your life. This confidential process explores life’s options and reveals potential answers. By creating a safe and open-minded environment, therapy can provide the guidance necessary to discovering the challenging roots of an issue, and the empathy to find solutions moving forward. Taking care of your mind, along with your body, will help you feel better about yourself, while improving the quality of your relationships. Whether you are experiencing a temporary disruption due to a life stressor, or are constantly feeling overwhelmed, therapy can help you achieve the sense of well-being everyone is entitled.

Individuals, Couples & Women Counseling


Life is challenging, and it can be difficult to know where to begin. That is why individual, couples and family therapy is available. Contact me today to discuss your best treatment options.

Individual, couples and family therapy is available in office and online as a PsyPact Psychologist via telehealth in 34 enacted, 33 effective states.


Anxiety, depression, health issues, stress, personal and work challenges, relationship issues, grief, weight/eating issues, worry, and feeling completely overwhelmed can be a struggle. Individual therapy provides you with an understanding of the origin of the feelings/concerns, tools to navigate, and better ways of coping in life.


Being a couple can be one of the most satisfying parts of one’s life and one of the most challenging. Couples therapy addresses many issues such as trust, money, infidelity, miscommunication, work life balance, children, intimacy issues, and more.

Relationships are stories. During couples therapy we explore your story as a couple to gain insight, understanding, and empathy to help you resolve on-going issues.

Women’s Counseling & Therapy

Women frequently have many roles in life. As we we age, life continues forward and with that comes more changes in our roles and health.


Family therapy has many different purposes depending on each family’s specific needs. Family therapy is designed to help resolve conflicts, improve communication, improve parenting skills, and more.

Meet Dr. Amy Suszko Brown

I am a licensed clinical psychologist who has been practicing in the Frankfort, Mokena, New Lenox, Kankakee, and Orland Park area for over twenty five years. My practice specializes in treating individual, couples, and families offering a wide variety of specialities and approaches to treatment that is tailored to your needs. I believe that our connection to others, our environment, nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness, are often the best prescription for social, emotional, and physical well being.

Certified in Telebehavioral Health Levels I & II

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TBHI Basic Telehealth Micro Certification
TBHI level 2
Dr Amy Suszko Brown
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